wedding fever

why is everyone engaged.. except me!

well, on the other hand, i really don't plan on getting married till about the ripe ol' age of 26ish-27ish just because my mom advises not to (which i agree because i would like to do whatever i please)

so i guess its okay, butttt.. i can still dream and plan for my wedding day

i pretty much have everything planned out, but love the not-so conventional styles of wedding dresses that JCrew and BHLDN offer

im not much of the princess cinderella dress type of girl, but have found the "feel" of pretty-english-country-side-simple-delicate kind of feel
something i can dye later and wear to a black tie event


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0848dbd0-aee0-11e0-907b-000bcdcb471e said...

*ahem* NOT everyone else is engaged or married ;-)

It's not a bad thing

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