just because i cant afford jcrew doesn't mean i cant look the part

i get creative spurts with the clothes i have, and decided to make a chic, yet casual look with a button up
just layering key pieces with a rugged short and heels or flats are perfect

i cannot live without this button up shirt i got from forever 21 for twenty bucks- it has lasted me 3 years
it works with just about anything, and you will see it in more outfits such as this one

sorry if  the photos are lackluster, fuzzy, and seem like the same pose. its hard to click my photobooth (on my macbook) step away and pose all in 3 seconds

knit sweater: forever 21 $14
button up: forever 21 $20
shorts: hollister $20
necklace: forever 21 $9


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