starting the new with help of the old

why hello,
this is me, joyce kim, and let me tell you a little about myself....

i try to take as many pics of myself as i can but end up deleting a ton of photos because i am not in the least bit photogenic (no-lie) but here are a few i have scrounged up

i have the most fantastic boyfrannd in the world, david sprecher, and he makes life so much more interesting, fun, and lets me (slowly but surely) dress him and make him stylish

my best friend in the whole world, olivia ellis

and the complicated but amazing rifle teammates at the university of nebraska

oh by the way.... i shoot guns for a living

i am now based in Lincoln, NE
but originally from Gilbert, AZ (woot woot!)
and miss my family back home



Tessa said...

Just saw your link to this blog on FB. Super cute! You and your badass rifles lol.

joyce said...

yay a comment!!! lol miss you tessa!

Tessa said...

Hahaha. I miss you too! Are you coming back to AZ soon?

joyce said...

yup, december 20 :) lets catch up please

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