party planning

my favorite thing about my birthday was not the presents or the fact that the day revolves around you, but what i could do to throw a chic party, and making an excuse to dress up

for my 20th, instead of just hitting up a restaurant in lincoln, i decided to throw a dinner party at my apartment style dorm, which was pretty tricky for 11 people in a small space

I think i did a pretty good job as far as aesthetics and a ridiculously small budget
I started with hydrangea centerpieces where i combined a olive and taupe (fake) bunch together, into an antique looking glass jar, placing the silver lid under the base to utilize the whole jar

with the help of my wonderful roommate we added streamers from the center light running outward to make sort of a tent look, and hung lanterns with electric candles from the celling for an outdoorsy effect

I made a picture background from magazines to look like pictures and frames for group picture taking after the meal



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