{ touch of fuschia }

Fuschia is in!! Have I shared the new Omega collection from Sapahn yet?  That is soon to come, with amazing fuschia leather pieces

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{ t u m b l r }

Tumblr has been a saving grace for me.  It's a sphere of silent photography with boundless inspiration.  The fashion on there is major, forget Pinterest.

I feel that I am growing so much.  This past year has been so eye opening.  My priorities have shifted so much, and its so true what people say about change.  

I have taken a 6 month hiatus from this little blog here to adjust to my new career and apartment, and finally feel comfortable enough to start living my old life again.  

Whats changed?  I surprise myself at how much I just don't care anymore.  I don't care about what I look like (which I should, my hair is never done and looks like shit), I feel silly when I dress stylish, I would rather drop $200 for home decor rather than an outfit.  I am lazier than ever.  I am more conscious of my love language.

I'll be back in LA soon, and hopefully the sun, warmth, and speed of life will jump start mine again.

If you want to get to know me, just look at my tumblr page, its me in a nutshell.

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